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Features overview

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Our New AI-Enabled Cloud Access Control/Management Platform

Transform your access control system with our state-of-the-art cloud access control panel, harnessing the power of AI technology and seamless integrations with ERP/Management platforms. Enjoy complete command over your personnel with guaranteed 100% control. Our software is FREE OF CHARGE for private use (up to 3 controllers & 10 users/employees) and provides complimentary commercial access for the initial 2 months, empowering you to experience its full potential without any financial commitment.

Key Features

1C Enterprise Integration

Seamlessly integrate with 1C Enterprise, offering two-way live integration for effortless data synchronization. All controller events and user activities are automatically mirrored in 1C Enterprise, providing seamless cloud control functions on the 1C side. Enjoy hassle-free reporting, employee timesheets, and invoicing directly within the 1C platform.

Public Holidays

Stay ahead with our flexible public holidays timetable, customized to suit your site's specific requirements, guaranteeing optimal controller functionality. Simply set up the public holiday schedule for one or two years in advance and define the logic for your sites. Then, sit back and relax, knowing your access control system is perfectly aligned with your operational needs.

Real-Time Notifications

Stay connected with your equipment at all times. Receive real-time pop-ups and notifications directly to your browser or opt for configurable email or SMS alerts (additional costs may apply for SMS).

AI Features

Face recognition

Experience seamless face recognition capabilities for registering new employees or signing guests in and out. Our system efficiently retrieves all relevant data associated with recognized faces from the cloud or prevents further registration if the employee/face is already registered in the system, ensuring enhanced security and efficiency.

Vehicle number plates recognition

Effortlessly implement vehicle number plate recognition by connecting our equipment to nearly any CCTV system (RTSP Stream required). This integration enables seamless vehicle traffic logging or control of boom gates with ease.

People counting

Explore our innovative people counting feature for precise insights into pedestrian traffic at your site. Whether you're considering pedestrian billboards or optimizing space utilization, our solution connects seamlessly with nearly any CCTV system. Access real-time statistics on pedestrian traffic in the area with ease. Watch our live demo video for people counting

Site sign-in/out

Easily manage site sign-in/out and new employee registration from any Android/iOS smartphone or tablet, leveraging facial recognition capabilities with the convenience of 100% flexible and configurable site quizzes and induction videos tailored to your specific needs.